PicnicHealth Sickle Cell Outreach Campaign

Jasper House Warriors PicnicHealth Sickle Cell Outreach Campaign raises awareness about medical empowerment for Sickle Cell patients by controlling their medical records. Click Jasper House  & get started.

University of Pittsburgh Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Charles Jonassaint Discusses CaRISMA for people living with Sickle Cell.

Living with Sickle Cell? Take Control with CaRISMA

MaskUP Campaign

Jasper House Warriors​​ MaskUP Campaign raises awareness about COVID 19. Sickle Cell patients are among the few conditions listed by the CDC that COVID 19 affects the most.

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This Warrior Voted Campaign

Jasper House Warriors ​This Warriors Voted Campaign raises awareness about political issues that can affect healthcare in the community while encouraging democracy and voting rights.

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